Forum Title: Question On Painting Oak Cabinets I have a question about spraying oak cabinets (factory finished cabinets, now being painted.) I'm sure this has been covered in previous posts, but I couldn't find anything using the search function. I'm spraying oak cabinets for the first time. BIN Advanced, Pro Classic Acrylic, with gravity HVLP compressor, spraying doors horizontal.The only problem I'm having is that some of the cracks in the oak grain don't fill in. In other words, some of the cracks in the grain don't turn white, they remain dark because the primer or paint doesn't flow down in. It's not that there's an actual crack in the wood, it's some very fine cracks in the grain. I sprayed a ton of paint on a practice door and they will finally fill in, but of course this causes other problems in the finish so it's not a fix. So how do I eliminate these dark lines? Filling with wood filler and sanding would be extremely time consuming. There are only a few of them on each door, but they do look bad because they look like they haven't been painted, or maybe look like cracks in the wood that should have been filled by the painter. lol Also, does anyone have any tips or reducing the oak grain look in general? I know it will never go away completely without a lot of wood filler and a lot of work, but wonder if there is any way to minimize it without a complete overhaul.Thanks for the input.
Category: Painter Post By: HILDA GRIFFITH (San Ramon, CA), 07/04/2019

Aqua Coat works great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- JESUS LAWSON (Jackson, TN), 08/10/2019

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